The better way to track behavior.

The eDBRC© system is a free, online system allowing teachers and schools to progress monitor behavior, increase communication with parents, determine effectiveness of interventions, and enhance data based decision making strategies.

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Potential Applications for eDBRC© in your school:

  1. Tier II:
    1. Identify student at-risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
    2. Monitor response to pre-referral interventions
    3. eDBRC© allows for the visual marking of intervention on graphs for ease of interpretation
    4. Utilize eDBRC© to improved data collection and data-based decision making
  2. Tier III:
    1. Individualize behavior rating scales to address specific IEP and BIP goals and objectives
    2. Provides a more useful and meaningful way to assess and monitor IEP and BIP goals and objectives
    3. Reduces special education paperwork when monitoring behaviors online

From our Users:

Effective way to monitor and note progress for the students. Love being able to visually see peaks and valleys to detect patterns in behaviors.

It is a quick way to code behaviors for progress monitoring. I have found it to be especially effective in my behavior unit.

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